taking a walk

the cat you see at the beginning is the Screech-clone who lives next door. literally, he lives one door over, and he seems to divide most of his time between the gutter in the street and that neat-looking bush-plant. his voice is much sweeter than the real Screech's - that's the only way I can tell them apart.

elliot licks a kitten

meet Molly. as you can tell, Elliot is completely taken with her. he stalks her around the apartment, licking her whenever she stops moving for more than an instant, and rolling around with her as if she wasn't 1/4 his size. the other cats range from indifference to loathing when it comes to Molly, but Elliot appears convinced that she is his long-lost daughter.


this rainfall only lasted for about ten minutes. but see, after I took these photos, I ran outside with a bucket and caught all of the raindrops (and Thomas helped by lassoing up the clouds). now, the next time it's >100 degrees and sunny, we'll just let loose our ingredients and make ourselves a beautiful afternoon. GENIUS!