taking a walk

the cat you see at the beginning is the Screech-clone who lives next door. literally, he lives one door over, and he seems to divide most of his time between the gutter in the street and that neat-looking bush-plant. his voice is much sweeter than the real Screech's - that's the only way I can tell them apart.


this rainfall only lasted for about ten minutes. but see, after I took these photos, I ran outside with a bucket and caught all of the raindrops (and Thomas helped by lassoing up the clouds). now, the next time it's >100 degrees and sunny, we'll just let loose our ingredients and make ourselves a beautiful afternoon. GENIUS!

trees of norman

norman, as a city, is... well, right now the best word for it is hot. very hot. hot and sunny and humid. I can't really tell you how much this makes me wish I were already living in the cool and cloudy northwest. norman does have one thing going for it, though: its trees. today I was able to ignore the heat for at least a few moments and focus on enjoying all of the big old trees we have. they make for great squirrel homes, not to mention being downright pretty.


lately I've been wanting to put Stell Dich Mitten, a poem by Wolfgang Borchert, to music. Bayon already did this, and their music was featured in Das Leben Der Anderen, a German film. (here I used only the first paragraph of the poem, and sang with a very poor accent. needless to say, their version is better.)

some sky

the view from our tiny balcony, complete with enigmatic lyrics. hope they're not too cryptic for you.