window sill

meet Pinky - the possum chew toy. he's been with us a long time, so he's lost much of his luster, but he still manages to get Klaus in a fighting mood. actually, Klaus is lazy enough that sometimes he requires a Pinky right to the face to get him going.

evening routine

just a quiet evening at home. sometimes I even manage to get Klaus to leave his chair, too.

in other news, Caska is getting... well, chubby. too much food and too little playing will do that to you. Thomas's nickname for her is The Princess, but I guess now we'll have to change it to Fat Princess. (not really. we'll have her looking ship shape again within a month. we're hardcore like that.)

slow down dude

sometimes I wonder if hyper is contagious. as I approached Screech here on the cat furniture, I'm pretty sure I started feeling an urge to run around and grab stuff while flipping my tail vigorously.

interesting book

fun fact: Klaus's primary mission in life is to sprawl himself across as many open textbooks as possible. if he's in a room when a textbook opens, he sprints to its location and promptly covers it with his body as thoroughly as he can. this behavior began when he was a kitten, and while it was just adorable at first, it's gradually progressed to exasperated-sigh-inducing. today alone, he has already sprawled four times. incredible.

trees of norman

norman, as a city, is... well, right now the best word for it is hot. very hot. hot and sunny and humid. I can't really tell you how much this makes me wish I were already living in the cool and cloudy northwest. norman does have one thing going for it, though: its trees. today I was able to ignore the heat for at least a few moments and focus on enjoying all of the big old trees we have. they make for great squirrel homes, not to mention being downright pretty.


lately I've been wanting to put Stell Dich Mitten, a poem by Wolfgang Borchert, to music. Bayon already did this, and their music was featured in Das Leben Der Anderen, a German film. (here I used only the first paragraph of the poem, and sang with a very poor accent. needless to say, their version is better.)


so... we finally did it. we've been talking about it since day 1, but the dream was never a reality until yesterday. it was on sale, and well, we went for it. have you figured it out yet? yep - pet furniture. it's a veritable cat magnet.

rise & fall

it's rain. or the magnified noises of an insect. or a fire snap-crackle-popping. ...actually, it's just my hands. :( but if you shut your eyes and pretend real hard, I bet you can hear some of those other ones...