some sky

the view from our tiny balcony, complete with enigmatic lyrics. hope they're not too cryptic for you.


breakfast is always a thing of simple happiness here at our apartment. the bedroom door is closed all night, so when the morning alarm goes off, all four cats rush up the stairs and congregate as they wait for us to emerge. there's a chorus of frenzied meows when we do, and they all dash right back down the stairs and into their designated meal spots (two in the kitchen, two in the bathroom. this is designed to prevent food thievery).


I've always loved what I can only describe as immersive sounds. to me, these are sounds that draw the listener in by painting a vivid aural picture. the sound of rain dancing on the roof of your car; the sound of your air conditioning unit switching on; the sound of your legs shifting underneath the blankets on your bed. all of these sounds are subtle and instantly evocative. they're all around us, every moment of every day, but how often do we stop to really listen?


I'll get to them all eventually, but first, here's Elliot. he's the most people-loving feline I've ever met, but he has a horrible case of kitty ADHD, so his affections tend to be fleeting (i.e., he'll make out with a total stranger, but only until something shiny enters his peripheral vision). I tried to capture some of his spasticity here - but then, the hard part wasn't capturing his spastic behavior; rather, it was capturing him at all. he doesn't really slow down, you see.


today was Thomas's best friend's 25th. my first idea was to bring him chocolate chip cookies as a birthday offering, but since he purportedly dislikes anything involving chocolate, we ended up baking him a strawberry cake complete with sprinkles and glittery pink icing instead. there was a shit ton of that glittery pink stuff left over, though, so thomas got creative and presented me tonight with a muffin that he'd decorated with a gooey pink heart on top. out of its remnants was born my first attempt at stop-motion. oh, and also, a blog. good muffin, huh?