the kids

elliot licks a kitten

meet Molly. as you can tell, Elliot is completely taken with her. he stalks her around the apartment, licking her whenever she stops moving for more than an instant, and rolling around with her as if she wasn't 1/4 his size. the other cats range from indifference to loathing when it comes to Molly, but Elliot appears convinced that she is his long-lost daughter.

window sill

meet Pinky - the possum chew toy. he's been with us a long time, so he's lost much of his luster, but he still manages to get Klaus in a fighting mood. actually, Klaus is lazy enough that sometimes he requires a Pinky right to the face to get him going.

evening routine

just a quiet evening at home. sometimes I even manage to get Klaus to leave his chair, too.

in other news, Caska is getting... well, chubby. too much food and too little playing will do that to you. Thomas's nickname for her is The Princess, but I guess now we'll have to change it to Fat Princess. (not really. we'll have her looking ship shape again within a month. we're hardcore like that.)

slow down dude

sometimes I wonder if hyper is contagious. as I approached Screech here on the cat furniture, I'm pretty sure I started feeling an urge to run around and grab stuff while flipping my tail vigorously.