the kids

interesting book

fun fact: Klaus's primary mission in life is to sprawl himself across as many open textbooks as possible. if he's in a room when a textbook opens, he sprints to its location and promptly covers it with his body as thoroughly as he can. this behavior began when he was a kitten, and while it was just adorable at first, it's gradually progressed to exasperated-sigh-inducing. today alone, he has already sprawled four times. incredible.


so... we finally did it. we've been talking about it since day 1, but the dream was never a reality until yesterday. it was on sale, and well, we went for it. have you figured it out yet? yep - pet furniture. it's a veritable cat magnet.


breakfast is always a thing of simple happiness here at our apartment. the bedroom door is closed all night, so when the morning alarm goes off, all four cats rush up the stairs and congregate as they wait for us to emerge. there's a chorus of frenzied meows when we do, and they all dash right back down the stairs and into their designated meal spots (two in the kitchen, two in the bathroom. this is designed to prevent food thievery).


I'll get to them all eventually, but first, here's Elliot. he's the most people-loving feline I've ever met, but he has a horrible case of kitty ADHD, so his affections tend to be fleeting (i.e., he'll make out with a total stranger, but only until something shiny enters his peripheral vision). I tried to capture some of his spasticity here - but then, the hard part wasn't capturing his spastic behavior; rather, it was capturing him at all. he doesn't really slow down, you see.